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Open Times

Monday - Sunday: 17:00 - 01:00
 We are closed now.

- Nando's Specials -

from 6,00 Eur

Breakfast every day - from 10.00 to 12.00

Greek Breakfast
Englisch Breakfast
Fit & Go Breakfast
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Menu for kids

Chicken nuggets
Grilled Feta Cheese
Chicken breast & salad
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from 5,00 Eur


Free delivery in the indicated area
of Kolymbia
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Καλή όρεξη, Bon appetit, Guten Appetit, Smacznego, Buen provecho, Buon appetito, Dobar tek, Dobrou chut, Velbekomme, Eet Smakelijk, Hyvää ruokahalua, Bon appétit, Jó étvágyat, Vær så god, Pofta buna, Dober tek